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PRE VAT Audit Review Services

We offer many great services to help you with your PRE VAT Audit Review Services. Have a look at some of our services below.

PRE VAT Audit Review Services

Federal Tax Authority (FTA) in UAE is empowered to conduct the Audit at any time as per their discretion to ensure that business is following tax laws including VAT and Excise Tax.

Being prepared for the tax audits by government authorities, businesses in UAE should act proactively and conduct a pre-tax audit through a TAX/VAT expert. Tax Audits typically covers:

  • Reviewing of filled tax returns
  • Tax calculation and payments as per the tax laws.
  • Review of tax-related documents, records.
  • Examination of financial records and processes.

By conducting a pre-tax audit companies can avoid paying hefty penalties, loss of reputation and last-minute rush. Choose Star Storm in Dubai.

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