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VAT Registration Amendment Service

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VAT Registration Overview

What is the VAT Registration Amendment  Application?

VAT registered individual/companies must need to amend the VAT registration application within 20 working days of the occurrence of any changes in the tax records such as a change in banking details, authorized signatory, banking details, change in name or address of the company, change in group structure of the company, group vat registration to individual vat registration and much more.

VAT Amendment

  • FTA Login Credentials.
  • Details of changes.
  • Supporting documents of changes.

Government Fees

AED 00.00

Starstorm Fees

AED 299 (Inclusive of VAT)

Expected Duration

Two Working Week

Associated Penalty

  • AED 5,000.00 (First Time)​
  • AED 15,000.00 (On every repetition)


Payment of Starstorm Fees AED 299.


Submission of required information and documents to Starstorm.


Starstorm will submit the VAT Registration Application to the Federal Tax Authority.


Process of Submitted Application and resubmission of application if required.


Upon approval Tax Registration Certificate (TRN) will be sent on the client’s email.

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