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UAE Tax Residency Certificate for Individuals

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uae tax residency certificate

UAE Tax Residency Certificate

UAE Tax Residency Certificate For Individuals

UAE Tax Residency Certificate for individual also called Tax Domicile Certificate or Certificate of Tax, is issued by the Government of UAE to eligible government entities, companies and individuals to take benefit of agreements of double taxation avoidance on income signed by the UAE with around 117 countries.

As there are no taxes on income in UAE, eligible residence and companies of UAE can avoid paying taxes in their home country by obtaining a Tax Residency Certificate.

If you are an individual and need a tax residency certificate in Dubai then Star storm is the place for you.

 UAE Tax Residency Certificate Requirement For Individuals

  • E-mail
  • Mobile number
  • To be resident in the state 183 days at least
  • Passport Copy
  • Valid Residence Copy
  • Certified Tenancy Contract / Title Deed.
  • Certified bank statement for at least 6 months during the required year.
  • Source of Income/Salary Certificate.

  • Name of the Country in which Tax Residency Certificate needs to be submitted.
  • Period (One Year) for which Tax Residency Certificate Required

  • Immigration Report of residency (Exit & Entry report)

Government Fees

Application Fees  AED 54

Certificate Fees

AED 1004


Starstorm Fees

AED 499 (Inclusive of VAT)

Expected Duration

Up To Two Working Week


Payment of Starstorm Fees AED 499 along with Application Fees of AED 54.

How To Get Tax Residency Certificate In UAE

If you are looking for the Tax residency certification here in UAE then you are at right place. You can get the tax residency certification for both company and individuals. Here in this process you will get the know the process of getting the Tax residency certificate for UAE residence.

Based on your residence  Emirates  process and the cost may be different a bit. However, here in this process of getting the Tax residence certificate we are covering the Dubai.

Tax Residency Certificate For Dubai 2024

One of the easiest way to getting your Dubai Tax residency certificate in 2024 is to come and apply it from the Best Tax Consultants in Dubai Star Storm. We will help you apply it from the comfort of your place.

Dubai government provides almost all the services related Tax and Business setup online. Thus, having a good consultant will be a plus point for the people like you who just starting with the individual or corporate taxation in Dubai.

Companies registered in Dubai can also get the Tax residency certificate with the help of Star Storm. Team at Star Storm is here to help companies like you no matter new or old, we will guide you throughout the process.

If you need a tax residency certificate uae format then you can easily get it from the UAE government website.


Submission of required information and documents to Starstorm.


Starstorm will submit Tax Residency Certificate Application to the Ministry of Finance.


Process of Submitted Applicaiton and resubmission of application if required.


Upon approval of application Certificate fees of AED 1,004 need to be paid by the client.  Immediately after payment of government fees Tax Residency Certificate will be sent on the client’s email.

Tax Residency Certificate UAE Requirements For Individuals

While applying for the tax residency certificate uae or even Dubai requirements of the documents are very less. Once should have listed valid documents in order to get the tax residency certificate for individuals.

Documents Required For Tax Residency Certificate

  • Valid Passport of the person who is about to apply the tax residency certificate.
  • Next document required is UAE residence Visa and the of course Emirates ID along.
  • One should also include the lease agreement of the residence as it is required for applying Taz residency certificate.
  • Very import is to add salary slips of the individual for the certificate.
  • Last but not the least, bank statement which should be approved from the bank is required to apply and get the tax residency certificate.

In order to obtain the tax residency certificate in UAE and Dubai these steps are enough, however, as it is the government procedure, once should also consider getting consultation from an expert. Star Storm in Dubai is here to help you with the Tax residency certificate for individual and Tax residency certificate for Company .

Now it is easy to set up business here in Dubai, UAE with the help of Virtual Office address in Dubai.

How to get tax residency certificate in Dubai?

You can get a tax residency certificate in Dubai with the help of any tax consultant. One of such consultant is Star Storm.

Documents required to get a tax residency certificate in Dubai?

In order to get the  tax residency certificate in Dubai you will need some of these documents, arrange them and get your  tax residency certificate in Dubai.

  • Copy of the valid company trade license
  • Passport
  • Visa Copy
  • Emirates
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